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Yr 2022 – 4th quadrant – TPS – English


Equinox September 23, 2022 h 1.05 UT

Heliocentric Chart

Geocentric Chart

Artificial formulation:

(helio) The Great thing about Being is the Faith of Heaven

(geo) There is no such thing as a love with out concord nor concord with out love

This final impulse of the annual planetary Rhythm[1] sees the luxurious Earth-Mercury-Solar alignment on the equinoctial axis Libra-Aries, the Omega and Alpha of the Evolution of planetary Consciousness, the Center Means between Being and Turning into, between Spirit and Substance.

Mercury (4th Ray), the Lord of the Center Means, of Concord and of celestial Music, is the Agent of transmission of the energies of the First Signal Aries as regards the disciples and initiates (esoteric ruler); He’s the enlightened Thoughts that now asserts:

The Great thing about Being is the Faith of Heaven

And Heaven echoes this Fact in a robust manner, due to the Presence, on the perimeters of this initiatory Route, of Neptune (sixth Ray) in His very deep Waters of Pisces and of Jupiter (2nd Ray) thundering in Aries, as its guardians and guarantors: Magnificence is the signal of union and It’s the splendor of Fact, sing the 2 Nice photo voltaic Moms.

The planetary Hierarchy above (Jupiter esoteric ruler of Aquarius, Signal of the Hierarchy or Planetary Coronary heart Middle, now in Aries) attracts to the Fireplace of Brotherhood the mass consciousness under (Neptune esoteric ruler of Most cancers now within the Signal of Humanity Pisces) instructing that

There is no such thing as a love with out concord nor concord with out love.

On the heliocentric or increased causal degree, the 2 Luminaries of the Battle Saturn within the Signal of the New (Aquarius) and Uranus within the Signal of the Builders within the Mild Taurus are lastly now not in battle, whereas on the geocentric degree their squaring will final till the tip of the yr.

Subsequently, if above the harmonious Reconstruction proceeds with out contrasts (sextiles to Pluto and Uranus-Venus trine in Virgo), under the battle horns nonetheless reward the alert, confirmed by the geocentric oppositions Jupiter-Mercury/Solar and Neptune-Venus, sq. to Mars. To find Love as the one Means, the karmic worth/means nonetheless appears to be the screeching of disharmony and psychological separateness. However the stunning trines and sextiles to Uranus, Pluto and Saturn present a kite to rise from the previous shackles of lunar egocentrism (Moon in Leo, quincunx/inexperienced strains), in addition to from the materialistic and psychic drift of this Piscean period finish: the profound alternative of those grave and heavy instances is that of reinventing our planetary id because the One Humanity, as a planetary Middle of the photo voltaic and cosmic Group.


From the World of Causes, from the airplane of the enlightened Thoughts, as Builders within the Mild, allow us to subsequently comply with the Supermundane Plan and its inventive Rhythms, its most propitious Dates to claim a Way forward for common Brotherhood.

Allow us to take heed to and imitate the symphony and celestial dance of the photo voltaic Group and attest to its resolving energy on the earth of Being:

Video of the Conjunctions / Causal Instructions of the 4th quarter 2022


Communion is Being. 


[1] See feedback to the heavens of the earlier quarter cycles: Dec solstice 2021, March equinox and June solstice 2022.



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