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Microbially induced carbonate precipitation can enhance coarse-grained, salty soil


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Microbially induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) is a cheap and environmentally pleasant know-how to enhance saline soil. It goals to make use of urease generated by micro organism to catalyze urea hydrolysis and produce carbonate, which mixes with calcium ion within the cementation answer to kind calcium carbonate precipitates and calcite crystal.

Nevertheless, the impression of salt on urea hydrolysis and curing impact must be additional studied to confirm its feasibility for solidifying saline soils.

Lately, a analysis staff from the Northwest Institute of Eco-Atmosphere and Assets of the Chinese language Academy of Sciences investigated the impact of chloride salt on urea hydrolysis in MICP and the impact of MICP on the engineering and mechanical properties of coarse-grained soils containing chloride salts.

Associated outcomes had been revealed in Journal of Cleaner Manufacturing.

The researchers additionally analyzed the deterioration mechanism of chloride salt on reinforcement by means of micro-mechanical assessments.

They discovered that, although curing impact of MICP is superb, the unfavorable impact of salt can’t be ignored. The speed of hydrolysis and precipitation effectivity decreased with a rise in salt focus, which ends up in the deterioration of the mechanical properties of solidified soil.

As well as, the amount of calcite was considerably greater than vaterite, and the salt content material, as a guiding agent, can promote the formation of calcite.

The research proves that it’s possible to making use of biochemical course of pushed by microorganism exercise for sustainably enhancing saline soil.

Microbial materials modification helps to regulate frost heave and saline soil solidification

Extra data:
Erxing Peng et al, Research of microbially-induced carbonate precipitation for enhancing coarse-grained salty soil, Journal of Cleaner Manufacturing (2022). DOI: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2022.132788

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Microbially induced carbonate precipitation can enhance coarse-grained, salty soil (2022, September 16)
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