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Evolutionists Name Instance of Excessive Stasis “Evolution” – CEH


September 22, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

Evolution means nothing in any respect if it means an
organism can keep the identical for 540 million years.


The infamous Cambrian explosion – a fossil undeniable fact that falsifies Darwinism – comes up in a press launch from the College of Toronto that makes the Cambrian explosion look tame by comparability. A fancy alga pops into existence and by no means modifications. It seems the identical as trendy ones.

Three-dimensional fossil algae greater than 541 million years previous reveal modern-looking ancestry of the plant kingdom (College of Toronto through, 20 Sept 2022).

This tiny fossil from China, half a millimeter in width, is inflicting a number of pleasure in Toronto, Canada. Evolutionists there see a brand new crystal ball during which to visualise Darwin’s hoary face.

Paleontologists have recognized a brand new genus and species of algae referred to as Protocodium sinense that predates the origin of land crops and trendy animals and supplies new perception into the early diversification of the plant kingdom.

The evolutionists say this tiny sphere dates to the Ediacaran interval, over 540 million Darwin Years in the past, when algae like this could not but have “emerged” on the evolutionary scene. Nicely, if Darwinism is true, absolutely it will need to have modified an ideal deal in such huge a swath of time.

“Protocodium belongs to a recognized lineage of inexperienced algae and has a surprisingly trendy structure, displaying that these algae had been already effectively diversified earlier than the top of the Ediacaran interval,” says co-author Cédric Aria, postdoctoral fellow within the Division of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology within the College of Arts & Science on the College of Toronto and based mostly on the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). “Its discovery touches the origin of the complete plant kingdom and places a well-recognized identify on the organisms that preceded the Cambrian explosion over half a billion years in the past, when the world’s first trendy ecosystems emerged.”

Cedric omits the embarrassing particulars that some 18 animal phyla appeared within the Cambrian explosion with out ancestors. Even accepting the evolutionary timeline, they “emerged” on the scene in a geological eye blink, corresponding to 2 minutes on a 24-hour clock or one step on a soccer discipline.

Inexperienced algae, or chlorophytes, are available in all kinds, from single cells to filaments and colonies.

Extra Inconvenient Truths

This fossil creates one other drawback for evolution. It does away with an excuse for the dearth of transitional types. Some evolutionists had defined away the dearth of transitional types by postulating that the strata had been unable to fossilize tender organisms earlier than exhausting shells “emerged.” Nicely, right here’s a tender little inexperienced alga with no exhausting shell, displaying beautiful preservation in 3-D.

Protocodium fossils are small spheres half a millimeter broad, like massive grains of pollen, lined by a large number of smaller domes. Due to the 3D examination, the researchers decided the domed floor to be a part of a posh, single cell that incorporates skinny strands referred to as siphons. This morphology is typical of sure trendy single-celled seaweeds that include many nuclei.

Can someone clarify the place the evolution is? This little alga already had the equipment to transform mild into meals. That requires a bunch of machines which might be little understood, together with the electron respiratory chain and ATP synthase.

Inexperienced algae are photosynthetic organisms, which implies they convert mild and carbon dioxide into sugars and oxygen. They had been subsequently seemingly necessary foundations of Earth’s early ecosystems, and the examine suggests inexperienced algae had been already established on the planet’s shallow waters as carbon dioxide recyclers and oxygen producers earlier than the Cambrian explosion.

Other than its smaller measurement, Protocodium seems surprisingly an identical to the fashionable Codium, a kind of inexperienced algae discovered in lots of seas worldwide.

Finds like this require modifications to the evolutionary timeline. When this occurs, evolutionists merely stretch issues and transfer them round. The timeline is extraordinarily versatile. That makes it unfalsifiable. The key is to undertake the “evolutionary perspective.”

From an evolutionary perspective, inexperienced algae like the traditional Protocodium and land crops share a standard ancestor that was regarded as about one billion to at least one billion and a half years previous, however now seemingly older—the task of Protocodium so near a contemporary group pushes again in time the historical past of the complete plant kingdom.

So how do they clarify this instance of maximum stasis from “an evolutionary perspective”? Darwinians are by no means at a loss for a narrative to clarify away falsifying anomalies. This alga discovered a cushty little area of interest, and noticed no want for additional change.

“It’s very telling that such an organism has remained virtually unchanged over at the least 540 million years,” says Aria. “By the Ediacaran, evolution had pushed it in direction of a steady adaptive zone—it’s been comfy there since, and greater than that, fairly profitable.

Image this inexperienced algae lounging underneath an umbrella on the seaside, comfy and pampered. ‘What extra want do I’ve to evolve?”, it thinks. Asteroids crash, volcanoes erupt, continents transfer, the whole lot else evolves into dinosaurs, whales and folks, however Protocodium sits there comfortable and comfy for tens of millions…zzzzzz of years…zzzzzzz. Evolution drove it there and dropped it off into the Resort of Perpetual Stasis. Ahhh, the life.

What a rip-off these Darwinians have created. It doesn’t matter what information flip up, they’ll incorporate them into their story. Something that occurs matches comfortably into the bin labeled “Stuff Occurs.” It’s just like the secretary who put each doc within the file cupboard into one folder labeled, “Filed” or the Dodo chook in Malice in Blunderland who mentioned, “Everyone wins, and all will need to have prizes.” With creationists excluded by fiat, the Kingdom of Darwin solely has one class left: “It developed.”

For some actual science free from Darwinian assumptions, learn Dr Margaret Helder’s clarification of issues with algae evolution (21 Feb 2020).


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