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6.6 – Synthesis – TPS – English


With the gaze of the guts turned to the heliocentric Heaven*, the Heaven of causes, we will ponder right now the annual alignment between Solar/Vulcan, the Earth and Neptune, the 6th Ray Lord of the Sacred Waters and of the photo voltaic Neighborhood, who “veils the Christ” because the Initiator of Humanity.
Neptune, at the next stage, because the very important Centre of the Logos of the photo voltaic system, with its ‘evolutionary sample (II)’, which is among the many three main Patterns of Synthesis along with Uranus I and Saturn III, final Triad of photo voltaic Luminaries, acts because the ‘astral everlasting atom’ or, from one other standpoint, because the Coronary heart of the Solar, distributor of the Second power, of Love-Knowledge (buddhi). Neptune is likely one of the main or synthesising planets, that it’s an “absorbing” or “abstracting” planet, and that it’s related with the method whereby eventual perfection is demonstrated. The Son is made good, and the cosmic incarnation is delivered to a detailed. (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fireplace, p. 900)
Sirius influences our total photo voltaic system psychically by way of the three synthesising schemes—Uranus, Neptune and Saturn. (Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, p. 666)
This Luminary, which in keeping with the esoteric Philosophy is likely one of the two photo voltaic Moms (the opposite one is Jupiter, 2nd Ray), focuses — as regards to humanity as an entire — the affect of Pisces (2nd and 6th Ray), the signal by which it sails till 2025, and urges the guts of humanity to pour out the saving power of its important Unity = Christianity, of the Buddhi Precept and to understand Unity in variety, the unitary Synthesis of Communion, a selected characteristic of the New Tradition and of the New World Faith.

At the moment, I goal to hint sure main conditioning streams of power, as they proceed forth from their emanating supply—by way of sure constellations and planets—to the Earth and, from inside the radius of the Earth, attain the person disciple, once more by way of sure main planetary centres. On this means that nice Synthesis (which is certified Life in look or manifestation) will be seen in particular exercise, producing photo voltaic, planetary and particular person results and thus demonstrating that intricate relation which unites the human atom to the good Lives Who’re the sum complete of that which is manifested. […] On this interaction of Lives and Their emanating streams of forces and energies and within the main figuring out life actions of That by which all varieties—together with the human—reside and transfer and have their being is to be discovered the inevitability of final achievement, the unalterability of legislation and the expression lastly of divine unchangeable Objective. (Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Astrology, p. 424)

At this time, due to this fact, with the intention to have fun this luminous photo voltaic conjunction we will assert the concept of ​​Synthesis, the 6th fundamental precept of the New Tradition, with the formulation that expresses it:

Synthesis is the triumph of the One

“The Universe works and stays collectively in freedom as a result of it’s One, as a result of it’s ruled by absolute Unity, as a result of it’s a vast communion of relative items.” (TPS — Genesis of Synthesis)

Unity is the supreme basis
and it’s

Every manifest entity is an artificial signal of the Actual that accommodates a Worth or central essence. All Existence, the substance of Actuality and Manifestation, is due to this fact the image of the Life contained in it and tends incessantly in the direction of its Revelation, to the gradual realization of Unity in multiplicity, to Synthesis.

Within the Instructing, we learn that in the entire Universe there’s a legislation demonstrating the truth that all issues—summary and concrete—exist as one and that is the legislation of Synthesis, the primary of the cosmic legal guidelines, governing the thought type of that One of many cosmic Logoi in Whose consciousness each our system, and our greatercentre, have an element. It’s a unit of His thought, a thought kind in its entirety, a concrete complete, and never the differentiated course of that we really feel our evolving system to be. It’s the sumtotal, the centre and the periphery, and the circle of manifestation thought to be a unit. (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fireplace, p. 567-568)

This cosmic legislation governs the tendency to unification; solely on this case, it’s not the unification of matter and Spirit, however the unification of the seven into the three, and intothe one. These three figures primarily stand for Spirit,for high quality, for precept, and never so primarily for matter, though matter, being impressed by spirit, conforms. The Legislation of Synthesis has a direct reference to One Who remains to be larger than our Logos, and is the legislation of management exercised by Him upon the Logos of our system. It is a religious relationship that tends to abstraction or to that synthesis of the religious parts that may end result of their aware return (the entire level mendacity in that phrase “aware”) to their cosmic level of synthesis, or of unification with their supply. Their supply is the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fireplace, p. 147-148)

… the Legislation of Synthesis is the legislation of a coherent will-to-be, persisting not solely in time and area, however inside a nonetheless vaster cycle. (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fireplace, p. 150)

… The thriller lies within the realisation that every one is carried on in a divine co-operation that has its base outdoors the system. Therefore too the truth that the primary Logos is named the Destroyer, as a result of He’s abstraction, if seen from beneath upwards. His work is the synthesis of Spirit with Spirit, their eventual abstraction from matter, and their unification with their cosmic supply. Therefore additionally He’s the one who brings about pralaya or the disintegration of kind—the shape from which the Spirit has been abstracted. If we supply the analogy right down to the microcosm a glimpse will be gained of the identical thought and therefore potential to grasp with higher facility. The Ego (being to the person on the bodily aircraft what the Logos is to His system) is likewise the animating will, the destroyer of varieties, the producer of pralaya and the One Who withdraws the interior religious man from out of his threefold physique; he attracts them to himself the centre of his little system. The Ego is extra-cosmic so far as the human being on the bodily aircraft is anxious, and within the realisation of this reality might come elucidation of the true cosmic drawback involving the Logos and “the spirits in jail”, because the Christian places it. (Alice A. Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fireplace, p. 148-149)

The best way again to the unique Thought, Abstraction, is that return to Unity or Unification that causes religious Uplifting, the progressive ascent by way of a technique of Fusion, or fiery interpenetration, which leads from particular person to group consciousness, after which planetary, photo voltaic and cosmic consciousness.

And it’s the harmonic affinity between spirits, or Consonance, that opens the doorways to Inspiration, that resonance to the divine Actuality that awakens the artificial notion of Instinct, the central gentle of Understanding, the jewel of the unifying work of the thoughts… the direct information of the concepts impressed from Above and understood by the enlightened thoughts that reads the symbolic actuality of varieties. And Imaginative and prescient, that’s revealing contemplation, within the unceasing technique of Mediation or unifying intercession between concepts and varieties, brings the a number of manifestations of Reality again to their artificial Precept… (TPS — Genesis of Synthesis)

[…] When man displays in himself all cosmic capabilities, he measures by way of himself the probabilities evidenced in Cosmos… When a synthesis of spirit is constructed, from the cosmic fires and the psycho-life of the guts, then man will be instructed that the facilities of cosmic fires present analogy to the facilities of Cosmos… the precept of creativeness is established as infinite hearth, as infinite imaginative and prescient, as infinite listening to, because the all-containing coronary heart. Attempt towards attestation of the Fireplace of Infinity! (Agni Yoga Collection, Infinity I § 200)

The Infinite, wrote Enzio Savoini, an enlightened thinker of our time, is not only a quantity, just like the One, which is Life. It’s the synthesis of all of the qualities and powers of numbers, that are Sounds, Lights and magnetic Centres. (Actual and Unreal, unpublished paper)

[…] A lot keen-sightedness, untiringness, devotion, has been laid into the muse of every synthesis. It’s comprehensible that the person who develops the facility of statement sees round himself many generalizations and apprehends how rather more engaging these broad paths are. Certainly, synthesis is predicated upon convincingness and attractiveness. Synthesis so broadly encompasses the essence that negation is alien to the artificial thoughts. One should not attribute the particular present of synthesis to sure lucky people. One should industriously develop inside oneself this treasured high quality. (Agni Yoga Collection, AUM § 501)

Now, for a broader understanding of the that means of the time period Synthesis it is usually helpful to confer with what Etymosophy tells us about it. This phrase originates with the prefix that signifies union, syn, “with, which is the Greek equal of the Latin cum, which expresses the motion of binding oneself within the relationship, witnessed by the Sanskrit sam/saka, related. And the Greek time period synthesis, composition, derives from the verb syn-tithemi, to place collectively, by which tithemi, to place, originates from the Indo-European root *DHA- by which we will recognise the sound elements [hā] to lift, [d] the sunshine: to gentle the fireplace, “to place the sacred hearth on the bottom… Synthesis due to this fact signifies:

the fiery essence of communion

Within the Agni Yoga Instructing the Grasp says that on the trail of the Hierarchy, of Communion synthesis is the one luminous path of the guts. How can seekers radiate the rays manifested if there isn’t any flame affirmed of their hearts? It’s exactly the standard of a magnet that lies latent within the coronary heart. The loftiest creativity is pervaded with this nice legislation. Thus, each consummation, each unification, each cosmic union is achieved by way of the flame of the guts…” (Agni Yoga Collection, Coronary heart § 1)

Legislation, Love, Union or Synthesis—all these nice energies have seeped into the human consciousness and now present the platform upon which the brand new civilisation will be based, the brand new strategy to God be taken, and new human relations be carried out. Three nice rents (1), due to this fact, now exist, in addition to quite a few smaller and fewer necessary ones, to which no reference has been or want be made. Three nice Sons of God in the intervening time of initiation made a serious contribution to the human consciousness by way of their decided will-to-law, will-to-love and will-to-synthesis. Mankind was thereby aided to maneuver ahead extra simply alongside the “lighted Manner”, to cross by way of the halls of maya, aided by the sunshine pouring by way of the rents made within the separating veils by perfected divine Males on the very second of Their triumph. A fourth nice hire nonetheless stays to be made because of the energies launched and the gained good which the three earlier rents have made doable.  This fourth main hire might be made by humanity itself, standing with “massed intent”, focussed by way of the teams that are externalisations of the Ashrams of the Masters.  It’ll due to this fact be made on the time that the Hierarchy takes bodily form upon the earth once more. (Alice A. Bailey, Rays and the Initiations, p. 194)


*TPS – Introduction to Astrosophy, Chapter 5: The views system of Astrosophy
1) The primary main hire was made by the institution of the Legislation of God, and that is portrayed for us symbolically in The Outdated Testomony within the story of Moses…
The second, and far crucial hire, was made by the facility of the second facet when the Christ subjected the Grasp Jesus to the fourth initiation and Their joint affect was triumphant over loss of life.
One other rending of the veil… came about when Saul of Tarsus noticed the glory of the Lord and was become Paul the Apostle. His ahead transferring and potent directness and sincerity, pushing alongside “the highway to Damascus”, compelled him to penetrate by way of one of many separating veils… While thus reaching out to the sunshine, he wrote that epistle about which a lot controversy has raged—The Epistle to the Hebrews. In it the outcomes of the rending of the third veil present the keynote and specific the primary and highest facet, as the 2 earlier rents result in the revelation of the third and second divine qualities. This primary facet is seen as synthesis, because the Communion of Saints, and as associated to the Lord of the World, Melchizedek.
(Alice A. Bailey, Rays and the Initiations, p. 192-193)




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